Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Jordan termination of exposure for JORDAN brand or history

According to Sohu sports news: Beijing on March 25th news, according to U. S. media reports, Michael Jordan likely next year will be terminated with endorsement shoes manufacturers to cooperate, the famous "JORDAN" brand will become history.
   Jordan accepted a radio interview last week, when asked whether the copy plans to continue to produce the JORDAN shoes, Jordan answer very simply: "since 2015, the JORDAN brand will end the history mission. Whether I might be able to create a new sports clothing brand? After things - who said that? Now I only want to spend time with his wife and twin."
   It is reported, termination and shoes manufacturers to cooperate mainly lies in the differences in design and quality of the opinion. Since retiring, Jordan has very importance from the customer to the product feedback, resulting in a lot of differences and shoes manufacturers. "I have never participated in shoe sales work, but it is acknowledged as the best tennis shoes, the past few seasons has a lot of quality problems, which made me very unhappy, I don't want to continue like this." Jordan said.
   Last week, 76 people guard Toni Rotenberg wore Jordan shoes appeared quality problem is awkward, he in the sole and the Pacers off completely, it also raised a number of Jordan shoes quality disputes. It is worth mentioning that, before the star Manu - Ginobili and Andrew - bogute also appeared the soles off the case, and it is the manufacturer's products.
Quality problems one after another has Jordan decided to cooperate with the manufacturers for many years part company each going his own way, of course, that for many Jordan fans and shoe lovers may be a little regret.

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