Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Jordan classic basketball shoes, the wolf was domineering elements

 Atlanta Spike Lee was born in Georgia in 1957, he began to study filmmaking technology in Atlanta University Moor House, from the Moor House after graduation he joined special poem School of art film course, short film "the answer in 80 years". In 1986 he made his first movie "stable operation wins securities", was a great success, so he became as everyone knows of the film. As a most black consciousness director, his lifelong ambition is to take really "black film", so he involved subjects are mostly with black out, awakening, and racial discrimination related themes. His film style is very sharp, fast-paced explosive, a profound experience to black habits and social dilemma.
   Michael Jordan (Michael Jordan, February 17, 1963): USA NBA famous basketball player, known as the "flying trapeze". He created the scraper like be too numerous to enumerate record in basketball occupation career, is one of the best basketball players in the world recognized, NBA history is also the first to have "athlete of the century" title. He will NBA extended to every corner of the world, become the Hollywood outside an unstoppable America culture, he union to bring income of at least 10000000000. In March 19, 2010, the retired Michael Jordan successfully acquired NBA Sherlock Bobcats, become the owner of the Charlotte bobcats. In 2011 September, Jordan with longtime Cuban supermodel girlfriend Yvette Prieto engagement.
   By Spike Lee Jordan son of Mars design can be said to be the most representative of legend, Jordan recently and this classic basketball shoes released a new White / Blue / grey special prism wolf color version. Jordan son of Mars is a set of Jordan series of the classic elements in a combination of different parts of shoes, shoes are used for design features of AJ 3, 4, 5, 6 and 20 generations of classic shoes.

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