Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Jordan shoes are more popular?

According to "Forbes" web site reported, only in 2013, AJ sales reached $2250000000 shoes in america. In personal shoes in sales, a retired old Joe a sales, than the other 5 superstar James (300000000), Durant (175000000), Kobe (50000000), Ross (40000000), Howard (5000000) is more than the sum of the. And a pair of AJ10 generation of special color of the replica shoes, the first day of listing in the United States generated $35000000 in sales, more than one year sales of Howard.
   AJ brand sold each commodity, whether the shoes, T-shirts and socks, Jordan can from commission. According to reports, Jordan last light from the Nike Commission, at least $75000000, plus Jordan other investment income, the media estimate his total income last year at $90000000, ranking the first in the United States athletes.Chongqing shoe fan can see this?
   "Stop collecting more meaningful"The 26 year old Liu Bo is one of many Chongqing shoe fan, goal is to collect each generation AJ shoes. For Jordan soon and Nike breakup rumors, said he would continue to wait and see, "as the sneaker still want them to continue their cooperation, Joe's master also has a point, Nike quality really the reflection." Liu Bo said, "to break up rumors" may be pushing up the AJ shoes in the market price, but if it is out of production, from another point of view is more worthy of collection, "if discontinued, collection is more interesting, or copy as it does not stop production, want to also do not finish."
   If the AJ brand have no shoes, fans will find it difficult to accept? In this regard, the child Jordan play up 80 shoe Fan said "we have had". Liu Bo also said that "after all, just a series of, if not the AJ this brand, there are many brands for sneaker collection, true love and the conditions of people will naturally think of a way to buy. I think of this behavior is the niche."

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